Wasatch Mental Health

Wasatch Assistance Team Counseling the Homeless (WATCH)

299 East 900 South
Provo UT 84606

The WATCH program is a outreach and treatment program for individuals who are homeless and have a serious mental illness.  The WATCH program is co-located with the Food and Care Coalition to provide convenient access to individuals where a wide variety of services are offered for the homeless population of Utah County. 

The WATCH program offers the following services:

  • Mental Health pre-screening and assessment
  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Targeted Case Management linking and coordinating with necessary resources such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, Social Security Disabiility, Housing assistance etc.)
  • Homeless outreach
  • Medication management with a licensed prescriber and nurse

Individuals desiring services can walk-in for a 30 minute  pre-screening appointment with a clinician every Wednesday morning at 8:30 to assess eligibility for the program. Clients are seen on a first come- first serve basis.  Times are limited so please arrive early.

To qualify for the WATCH program, an individual must:
  • Have a serious and persistent mental illness
  • Be literally homeless or imminently homeless
  • Be willing to address mental health concerns as recommended by the treatment team
  • Work to be free from substances and submit to random UA's upon request
  • Be uninsured

 If eligibility criteria are met, a more in-depth intake will be scheduled within a week of the pre-screening to open clients into services.

*Please note that the WATCH program is a treatment center, not a housing agency.  While every effort will be made to assist clients to secure housing as part of their treatment, clients should not expect housing to be immediately available upon admittance to the program.

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