The Wellness Recovery Clinic  (WRC) offers short term mental health services to those without medical insurance who meet eligibility requirements.  Funding is obtained from the state of Utah  through a legislative appropriation as well as grants and donations.  Meet our staff at the WRC.  

Eligibility for Services:

  • Have a DSM –IV (Mental Health) diagnosis
  • No medical insurance (Services are available in other programs for those with:  Medicaid, Medicare part B, Private Insurance)
  • Can Be Underinsured
    (Insurance doesn’t cover mental health services, PCN )
  • Substance Abuse is not the Primary Diagnosis
  • Meets income requirements.  200% of poverty level or below.

Services Provided:

The Wellness Recovery Clinic provides the following services to clients to help stabilize mental health symptoms.

  • Intake Screenings/Assessments
  • Group therapy
  • Case Management
  • Psychiatric Evaluations/Meds Management
  • Medication Assistance

Starting in Services:

The Wellness Recovery Clinic will schedule 8-10 Intake Evaluations each week which will allow us to potentially serve 400-500 clients over the course of the year. Appointments can be made by calling our office and answering a few questions to assess eligibility.  You will then be scheduled to meet with a therapist for an Intake Appointment.

Or you may come to a Walk-In Intake Clinic on Thursdays starting at 2:00. Please be there early to get your name on the list (between 1:30 and 2:00) and then stay because available slots fill up quickly!

Questions?  Feel free to call us at (801) 852-3789 to get them answered anytime during business hours. Intake Appointments will be scheduled each week by phone on a first-come, first-served basis.