Wasatch Mental Health

How do I access services provided through Wasatch Mental Health?

Call Intake Services at (801) 373-4766. This is the starting point for all new clients. Evaluations take place to determine whether an individual is eligible for services provided at Wasatch Mental Health. Psychological testing and ongoing review of services may also take place through this unit.

Is substance abuse treatment provided?

We provide substance abuse treatment for Clients in Wasatch County at the Wasatch Family Clinic in Heber.

Located at: 500 east 55 south Heber Ut.

For Utah County Clients to receive treatment for substance abuse, call:

Utah County Division of Substance Abuse
100 East Center Street
Provo, UT 84606
Administration: 801-851-7127
Fax: 801-851-7198

Assessment Center: 801-851-7128
Day/Night Treatment: 801-851-7113
Foothill Residential Treatment/Detox: 801-851-7652
OUT (Jail): 801-851-7689
Prevention Bureau: 801-851-7136
Promise of Women and Families: 801-851-7696
Project Reality: 801-851-7116

I have a complaint about my therapist, who should I speak with?

Contact your therapist's program manager.


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