To Whom It May Concern,

As a case manager with Mountainland Aging and Family Services, I truly appreciate the therapy services provided in the community by Jenny and Summer [last names omitted]. As you may know, all clients on the New Choices Waiver program meet the level of care for nursing homes. Consequently, most of them have physical limitations to getting out regularly in the community. Many of them have chronic mental health issues as well as significant health challenges.

Prior to allowing Jenny to visit assisted living clients, many of the people I visited needed mental health services, but refused help due to transportation limitations and poor health. Having a therapist that can visit those with such limitations has been invaluable. Significantly more of our clients on the New Choices program now receive Wasatch services than they did before Jenny was allowed to visit them. It is my opinion that this has likely helped several folks stay in a community setting, rather than returning to skilled nursing, because their behaviors and mental health issues have been better managed.

For example, I had an elderly gentleman on my caseload with dementia, delusions and a schizotypal diagnosis. (I believe he was the first non-SNF client that Jenny visited.) He was refusing all bathing and personal hygiene. He desperately needed mental health intervention, but we could not get him physically to Wasatch. His behaviors eventually led to [detailed health information left out…] I called Wasatch and various psychiatric hospitals, but had little luck in finding any mobile services. After a psychiatric hospitalization, this gentleman began meeting with Jenny. With the combination of a mobile therapist and a new placement, he is doing exponentially better, and his mental health needs have not created further physical health issues since.

It has also been extremely helpful to have a liaison between the community professionals serving the nursing home population, and Wasatch Mental Health. On several occasions, Jenny and Summer have helped me link my clients to appropriate services, and have helped me better navigate the mental health system in order to better access services.

Again, we at MAG truly appreciate this service. We really enjoy working with Jenny and Summer. The services they provide are invaluable to the population we serve.


Case Manager