Wasatch Mental Health, county addiction services merge (Daily Herald article 2/12/2020)

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Article by:   Braley Dodson, Daily Herald Utah County Department of Drug and Alcohol Prevention and Treatment services are being merged with Wasatch Mental Health and the Utah County Health Department, the organizations and the Utah County Commission announced Wednesday. “We see this as a positive thing,” said Ralph Clegg, the executive director of the Utah County Health Department. County substance … Read More

2020 Utah County “Person of the Year”

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Website-Person of Year

Daily Herald article. 29 January 2020  by Connor Richards. “Juergen Korbanka, the executive director of Wasatch Mental Health, is Utah County’s 2020 Person of the Year. The Utah County Commission honored Korbanka during Wednesday’s State of the County held at the Utah Valley Convention Center in Provo. The commission praised Korbanka for his work with Wasatch Mental Health, a special … Read More

The State of the Center: WMH in 2020

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2020 promises to be an exciting year for behavioral healthcare in Utah. Medicaid Expansion provides access to much needed healthcare for many Utahns. While enrollment started in April 2019, it is anticipated that by the end of the calendar year the number of Medicaid Expansion enrollees will double! This will necessitate service expansion and the implementation of new program and … Read More

No Fear-No Vember Part IV (a story) CONCLUSION

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No Fear-No Vember Part IV

So, it’s as simple as that guys, do not fear and open your mouths and be a voice to help not only men, but also women, to help start breaking down the stigma that’s been hanging around far too long. a staff member I’ve shared only a handful of numerous stories and examples of how mental illness can effect individuals … Read More

No Fear-No vember Part III (a story)

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Movember 3

“I’ll tell you this, men out there who may read this: “Man, life will be made a heck of a lot better if you’d get the help you need and stop the insanity of suffering needlessly.”   a staff member Let’s talk about the grocery store, the place I’ve likely broken world record swearing records. I’ve explained to people when talking … Read More

No Fear-No Vember Part II (a story)

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No Fear-No Vember Part II

-a staff member My first post was very much a simplified and general overview. Basically, it was just to state that I’ve struggled with moderate to debilitating levels of anxiety for most of my life. What hasn’t been shared are the examples, and I literally have hundreds, of how I have suffered with anxiety. As a professional mental health clinician, … Read More

No Fear-No Vember (a story)

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No Fear-No Vember (a story)

“The major point of this first message is, please do not allow yourself to suffer in silence. Even if you are the mocho-est man on earth, but suffering, seek out help, that’s strength and power.” -a staff member Well, I’ll just start with the beginnings, and I’m including some personal stuff that’s not a big deal to me because it’s … Read More

World Suicide Prevention Day 2019

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September 10, 2019 is World Suicide Prevention Day and Wasatch Mental Health is asking everyone to Take 5 to Save Lives! Take 5 to Save Lives is a public awareness campaign run by the National Council for Suicide Prevention in support of World Suicide Prevention Day. The goal of the campaign is to encourage everyone to take 5 simple actions … Read More

Is your child stressed out?

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Instagram-Anxiety (for parents)

Mental Health America- Back to School Toolkit 2019 If you have worked with your child or teen to help them manage their stress, but they still seem to be having problems, they may be experiencing the early signs of a mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. Take our Parent Screening Tool- an online, free, confidential tool to see … Read More

Help our children feel loved

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The Caring Community Coalition (in Heber) developed this flyer to post around town to highlight the importance of strong families and mental health. Please feel free to share it. Click here to print this flyer. The Caring Community Coalition unites key leaders and community members in an effort to provide opportunities, increase knowledge, and effect positive change in our community. … Read More