Information for Community Providers:

The PREP team is a new program and policies and procedures are in the process of being developed. If you are a community provider and are working with an individual experiencing a first (or early) episode of psychosis, please call Craig Limb, LCSW (Program Supervisor) to discuss eligibility and referral process for the program.  It is not necessary to have Medicaid (or other insurance) to participate in this program.

Craig can be reached at:
or (801) 373-1213.

It would be helpful to administer the PQ-B with your client to determine if they are likely to be eligible for the program.  Answering “yes” on at least six questions on the PQ-B would indicate that the individual would be appropriate to refer for a thorough SIPS evaluation.

Referral Process for WBH Providers:


General Information:

Referrals should be for individuals between the ages of 15-26 who are experiencing, or have experienced,  their first episode of psychosis within the past 2 years.  This could include individuals that have had some levels of psychosis and had it worsen to a full psychotic state within that time frame.  For possible exceptions (age requirements, etc), contact Craig Limb.

Steps for making a referral:

  1.  Administer the PQ-B with your client to determine if they would be appropriate to refer for further evaluation.  Answering “yes” on at least six questions would indicate appropriateness to refer for a full SIPS evaluation. Email the PQ-B, along with a summary of symptoms/concerns to the PREP Email group in Groupwise.  Feel free to email or call if you have questions about eligibility.
  2. If the PQ-B indicates that a more in-depth SIPS evaluation is appropriate, please work with your Care Team Assistant to schedule a SIPS evaluation on Craig Limb’s schedule (or schedule it yourself).  The goal is to get the client in as quickly as possible for the evaluation.   Appointments for SIPS evaluations are available in Provo on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and in American Fork on Fridays.  Blocks of time for assessments will be adjusted based on need.
  3. For questions, call or email Craig Limb (801) 852-4456.
  4. IMPORTANT:  After making the referral, please continue to see your client and provide services until after the evaluation process is completed.  You will be notified if/when your client is accepted by the PREP team or if they do not follow up on the appointment.
  5. During the SIPS evaluation, a follow up appointment will be scheduled with the client, family (if possible) and the referring PSC to review the SIPS evaluation, discuss whether the PREP team is an additional resource for the client, and determine if the client wishes to participate in the program.