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Heroin Addiction and Rehab

Guide to Heroin Addiction

This guide combines current research to provide you with a complete explanation of the dangers, effects, and trends of heroin use in today’s society by compiling information from 8 government and international agencies, 14 scientific studies, and 8 news and print sources.

Guide to Heroin Rehab

Knowing the options for heroin rehab and what therapies have worked for others can help you understand what to look for in your treatment program, which gives you the best chance to get and stay clean. This guide compiles information from a variety of sources to give you a holistic understanding of how to get help overcoming your (or your loved one’s) addiction to heroin.

Choosing the Right Rehab

Deciding on a rehab program can be overwhelming due to the number of treatment options and the sometimes less-than-helpful information that is out there. created a practical step-by-step guide to understanding your options and choosing the right rehab program for your unique situation. 

Top-Rated, Low-Cost Rehabs

Going to rehab is a huge investment – some rehabs cost over $20,000 a month. It’s important to choose carefully, but the sheer number of rehab choices can make finding the best option challenging. In fact, the 2020 N-SATS indicates that there are 16,000 rehab facilities across the country. To help you identify the best facilities in your state, has determined which rehabs offering payment assistance were likely to be the best choice for the most people.

For the 2020 N-SATS click here.