Vantage Point

Located in Provo

Vantage Point is a short-term (48 hours, may be extended for homeless youth) voluntary facility where youth ages 12-17 (10, 11-year-olds under certain circumstances) can come for a safe place. When youth are runaways, having conflict at home, high-risk, homeless, etc., they can find refuge at Vantage Point North. There is no direct cost to the consumer for the services for the first 2 nights, and no insurance is necessary. Staff have passed background checks, and there is always at least one male and one female on staff at all times. Case managers and therapists are available to discuss options and provide necessary resources to both teens and parents. We now have two Vantage Point facilities to better serve the families in our community–the original Vantage Point in Provo and Vantage Point North in American Fork.

Vantage Point
I will realize I have value and positive things to share

I will think about the consequences of my actions before I make choices
Our motto
Vantage Point & Vantage Point Norht


  • Emergency shelter care for runaway or homeless youth
  • 24/7 accessibility 
  • Food, bedding, clothing and shower access
  • Social development skills groups
  • Therapy (individual & group)
  • Anger management courses
  • Parenting classes
  • Case Management

Mission Statement &
Treatment Philosophy

The mission of Vantage Point is to provide services in an effort to resolve family conflict for families in crisis when a minor is in distress, vulnerable, or a runaway. Our efforts focus on resolving family conflict, maintaining or reuniting minors with their families, and diverting minors from entering or escalating in the juvenile justice system, child welfare system, or mental health system.

The Vantage Point vision for intervention is based on using the power for change created by a crisis situation to guide youth and families to the most effective choices. We are dedicated to helping youth and families recognize their situation and opportunities, see the consequences of available choices, and to implement decisions.

The metaphor of a “vantage point” is used to help teach our treatment philosophy and goals. Our point system and activities are meant to provide youth the experience of searching out the best view of themselves and their choices. Beyond that, we also want them to see the world around them with a broader perspective. With these skills in place, we can help youth anticipate consequences, make decisions, and then follow through with choices.





Frequently Asked Questions

Vantage Point (VP) is a home-like facility meant to be a safe place for teenagers. VP provides short-term shelter and time-out placement for vulnerable adolescents, as well as crisis intervention and family counseling. This includes runaway and homeless youth, or youth at risk to become so.

A youth has left home without permission (runaway) or is at high risk to do so. A youth is experiencing intense conflict with the parent/guardian and they are unable to resolve it without a brief time away from home. A youth is homeless, or a youth is in foster care and needs temporary shelter while waiting a foster home placement. VP is not an appropriate facility to bring a youth for babysitting and is for youth and families in crisis only.

Police bring kids to VP often, usually because they refuse to come cooperatively/safely with their parents. When police bring youth to VP, they can stay up to 12 hours before needing to be returned home or checked into the facility by a parent/guardian. Upon being checked in, a youth can stay at Vantage Point for up to 48 hours.

Yes, however, we will contact their legal guardian to coordinate further services. 

VP generally accepts youth between the ages of 12 and 17. Depending on circumstances, VP can accept kids as young as 10 years old (generally 10 and 11 year olds do not stay the night).

Most of the youth that come to VP are facing the same types of issues. Kids who have serious legal offenses are generally taken to Detention, not to Vantage Point. Kids with sexual charges are not able to stay at VP. Staff at Vantage Point monitor the kids’ interactions to the best of their ability. Vantage Point does not guarantee that your child will not be influenced by the choices of their peers, however the main goal is for them to be safe.

The stay is 48 hours unless circumstances warrant longer (example: homeless youth). What is the cost? The services at VP are free to the consumer. VP is funded by State (Juvenile Justice Services, Wasatch Mental Health, and DCFS) and Federal sources (Runaway and Homeless Youth Grant).

There are fees for stays longer than 48 hours to cover costs of room and board. These fees are not covered by Medicaid. Clients are not charged for clinical/treatment services. If a youth has Medicaid, we will require a copy of their card, as Wasatch Behavioral Health is a Medicaid provider. Medicaid insurance is NOT necessary to stay at Vantage Point.

No. Also, a youth cannot receive court charges for coming to Vantage Point. 

No, all placements are voluntary, although there are alarms on the doors and windows. Efforts are made to prevent runaway behavior, but youth will not be physically restrained or detained if attempting to run. If a youth does run, we contact the parent/guardian and make a police report.

Vantage Point follows a daily schedule that includes meals, exercise, free time, and homework time. Staff run groups with the kids based around the concept that we are each in control of our choices but not the consequences of those choices.

Before checking in, we would prefer for a parent/guardian to call and ensure that we have space available for their youth. Also, we would like the youth to bring two changes of modest and weather appropriate clothing (underwear, socks, pants, and shirts), prescription medications in the original packaging, and any homework they may need to work on during their stay. All belongings are searched and inventoried upon check in. Items not appropriate for VP (lighters, gang apparel, weapons, sharp objects, etc) will be either returned to the guardian at check in or locked up and returned to the guardian upon check out.
Upon arriving at VP, the youth and the parent/guardian will meet with an intake worker who will assist them in filling out the necessary paperwork. They will also discuss why the youth is coming to VP, address any questions or concerns, and describe what will happen after intake. The youth is then introduced to the program and the parent/guardian is able to leave.

Only those the parent/guardian has approved may have contact with the youth while at VP. A legal guardian must sign the client in, but as long as they’re approved by the parent/guardian, anyone can check them out.

Vantage Point is a 24 hour facility. Therapists are generally available from 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday. Case Managers are generally available from 8 am to 9 pm every day.

Yes. The youth are participating in activities together under supervision. At nighttime, they are separated for sleeping arrangements.

Most likely, the youth will need to share a room with another youth of the same gender. Our policy is that the youth need to be with 2 years of each other’s age in order to share a room together (example: a 12 year old will not share a room with a 16 year old).

We have capacity for 12 youth in our facility. After we reach capacity, we cannot admit any more youth to our shelter. We can place the youth on a waiting list and/or refer you to other possible resources. This may include outpatient therapy or attending a class at Vantage Point.

Depending on the time of day, the ratio is about three youth to one. staff.

VP does not prescribe medications. The only non-prescription medications given to a youth during their stay at VP would be over the counter medications (Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Pepto-Bismol, etc) which would require a parent/guardian’s permission. If a youth has a prescription medication they need to take during their stay at VP, we require the medication to be in the original prescription bottle with the prescription intact. We have a nurse package them so we can administer them. They are administered according to the instructions on the prescription.

VP employs a program manager, an administrative assistant, two therapists, three case managers, and 18 human service workers. VP also generally has at least one therapist intern. All staff have passed a comprehensive criminal and background screening.

No. Vantage Point serves Utah, Juab, Millard, and Wasatch Counties.

Yes. A youth must be able to care for themselves hygienically or they may not be appropriate for the program. Youth who are inebriated or otherwise impaired will need to be medically cleared before being admitted to Vantage Point. Youth who will not commit to safety while at VP are generally not admitted. Also, youth with sexual charges or a risk to sexually offend are not allowed at Vantage Point.

If a youth is suicidal, the WBH crisis line will be called at (801) 373-7393. If the youth commits to safety, they will be admitted to VP where they will be placed on suicide watch. This means that staff will specifically watch them for suicidal behavior and call Crisis if necessary. If the youth will not commit to safety, further options may be available through contacting Crisis.

Academic problems should be directed to your child’s teacher or the school counseling office. Behavioral issues should also be directed to the counseling office; however, Vantage Point may be an appropriate resource to work together with the school’s efforts.

Vantage Point offers group treatment for early intervention of substance use disorder issues. Contact Vantage Point for meeting times. In depth assessments, and recommendations for treatment, can be provided by our Substance Use Disorder Division. 

We do have drug test kits available for $10 each. They are urine analysis and must be administered by the parent/guardian. These drug tests cannot be used as evidence, and are for your information only. VP staff cannot force a youth to take a drug test, nor can they administer one.

You will need to call Vantage Point to get your name on the list and find out when the next course begins. The class runs for 7 weeks every Thursday from 4-5 pm. A parent/guardian is required to attend with the youth.

Parents or guardians are responsible for checking out youth from Vantage Point at an agreed upon checkout time. Failure to do so may result in a dependency report to the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS).