School Based Services

School Based Services are offered in 90+ schools in the Alpine, Nebo and Provo School Districts in Utah County and Wasatch County.  There are two types of programs offered in School Based Services:

(1) Site-Based (Special Education classes)

(2) Onsite services in high-risk population schools.

Site-Based (Special Education classes)

Children in special education services and classrooms may be referred by the school district for mental health services.  Upon parental consent, available services include: individual therapy, group therapy, case management, behavior management, psycho-social rehabilitation services, peer support services, psychiatric and medication management and coordination with parents. School-based services are provided in the schools, community, and in family homes.

On-site services in high-risk population schools

On-Site Services are located in highly impacted schools in each of the three school districts in Utah County. A therapist and case manager deliver services upon referral from the school coordinator, parent or Crisis services. The goal of the On-Site Services program is to provide community-based, family centered, comprehensive services to the children and families referred with a strong element of coordination and accountability.



Getting into Services in the On-Site Schools:

For Alpine School District
Please call Bryant Jenks, LMFT
(801) 763-5010

For Nebo School District
Please call Elizabeth Feil, LCSW
 (801) 852-3805

For Provo School District
Please call Elizabeth Feil, LCSW
(801) 377-1213

For Wasatch County
Please call Chad Shubin, LMFT
(435) 654-3003

During the call a screening interview will take place to assess need for school based services and current availability at your child’s school.