Prevention & Recovery from Early Psychosis (PREP) Team

Info. About the PREP Team

The PREP Team (Prevention and Recovery from Early Psychosis) provides support for individuals experiencing their first episode of psychosis or who are at high risk of developing psychosis between the ages of 13-26. PREP provides a coordinated specialty care treatment model to provide supportive services for clients, including case management, medication management, therapy, family education/support, and employment or education support.

Below are the five key focus’ to this model:

Case Management: Person-centered care, assisted by a care manager who helps clients and family members to navigate among treatment options.
Psychiatric Medication: Medication (if participant and their doctor decide it is needed).
Psychotherapy: Cognitive behavioral therapy as an evidence-based intervention for psychosis.
Family Education and Support: Family psychoeducation so that consumers choose the support people they want involved in their recovery, and families/supports get information that helps them play an active role in the recovery process.
Supported Employment and Education: Fostering autonomy and setting goals, including returning to school or work, developing new interests, meeting new people, and making new friends.

Who Is Eligible For Services?

PREP team services are for individuals between the ages of 13 – 26 years old who are at high risk of developing a psychotic disorder or have been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder within the last 18 months, regardless of insurance or funding.