Friends of Wasatch Mental Health Foundation

Our Mission:    “Friends of WMH” , a 501(c)3,  assists WBH to facilitate recovery and improved quality of life to individuals and families with mental illness.

“Friends of WMH”, a 501(c)3,  assists Wasatch Behavioral Health to help clients in their recovery process by providing additional programs and services that are not covered by traditional funding sources. These experiences can make a huge difference to both individuals and families by enriching quality of lives and providing opportunities to grow. Throughout the year, the Advisory Board runs two major fundraising events:  The Wasatch Wellness Run and Family Fun Fair in August and the GIANT Steps Auction in March.

Friends of WMH has recently funded the following programs: 

  • Contributed funds to allow clients without Medicaid to attend our Wasatch House program (an ICCD-certified Clubhouse program). Wasatch house provides adult clients with a place to go during the day where they can contribute, learn, and make friends.  The program uses a work-ordered day to assist adults in stabilizing symptoms and returning to work based on the internationally recognized “clubhouse” treatment model.
  • Provided emergency shelter to homeless individuals with a mental illness after other sources of funding have been exhausted. Emergency shelter is the first step towards stabilizing mental health symptoms and assisting towards acquiring and maintaining permanent housing.
  • Sponsored adult clients in attending regional NAMI and Clubhouse conferences to share their own Recovery stories and become stronger and more confident as they learn and share with others.
  • Purchasing video/sound equipment for the Clubhouse program to engage transitional age young adults (18-25) in services. Young adults in this age range increase their rates of homelessness, legal problems and difficulty attaining educational and vocational goals if they drop out of treatment. Connecting with others with shared interests helps them to stay active in treatment and transition more successfully into independent adult living.

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A story about how donating can help clients with services and programs not covered by traditional funding resources.
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