Wasatch Behavioral Health is a great place to volunteer and make a positive difference in the lives of people in our community.  We are proud of our organization and appreciate those who choose to help us out in so many ways.

WBH offers a variety of opportunities to volunteer in many different settings and programs.

Holing Hands

Volunteering at WBH:

    • In order to volunteer with us, you must be 18 years of age or older and agree to volunteer for at least 20 hours.
    • Per regulation, if you have been convicted of a crime (misdemeanor or felony) since the age of 18, you will not be able to volunteer with Wasatch Behavioral Health.
    • If you need a Licensed Clinical Social Worker to interview, we have many available and the Volunteer Coordinator, Jennie Reese, can help set this up

    Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Wasatch Behavioral Health. Due to COVID19, we only have a small number of openings for volunteers.

    In order to start volunteering with us, you will need to complete the Volunteer Packet and review the HIPAA PowerPoint presentation. (see Buttons below).  This is in place of the in-person Volunteer Orientation. 

    How to Fill Out Documents Online

    1. Please make sure to save the volunteer packet to your desktop first.
    2. Review to make sure that you have filled out all sections and all signatures are provided. Select the signature box and you may need to create your own electronic signature. (If you miss signatures, the packet will be sent back to you to fix).
    3. Review the HIPAA PowerPoint as a training material for HIPAA. Make sure you have signed the HIPAA Acknowledgement form, the HIPAA Training Evaluation (no signature required; anonymous), and please print name and sign the Training Log to acknowledge that you have reviewed the HIPAA Training PowerPoint.
    4. Save on your desktop once completely filled out, and email back to jreese@wasatch.org.
    5. Once the paperwork is filled out, then you are responsible for contacting the program directly to set up your volunteer hours with them. (For example, Randy Glasscock for Vantage Point).

    **** Note: Volunteers do not need to submit a drug test, however are agreeing to the rules stated in the Drug Free Work Place policy. (i.e. not coming to your volunteer shift impaired). If a volunteer does come impaired, we will terminate the volunteer experience with them.

    Below are links for information about Volunteering:

    GIANT STEPS :  Volunteers will assist preschool children with Autism to learn basic skills (i.e. communication, social skills, behavior management). There are 4 locations (Provo, Orem, Spanish Fork & Saratoga Springs) and volunteers are especially needed for the Saratoga Springs and Spanish Fork classrooms.  For questions about volunteering specifically at GIANT Steps, please contact Janeen McFadden at (801) 226-5437.

    VANTAGE POINT (Provo):  Volunteers will be assisting youth ages 13-18 with their homework, social skills, and exercising healthy strategies for coping with various struggles. Must be 21 or older to volunteer at Vantage Point. For questions about volunteering specifically at Vantage Point, please contact Randy Glasscock at (801) 373-2215.

    Complete Volunteer Packet

    ** Be sure to SAVE the Volunteer Packet to your desktop prior to filling it out or you won't be able to save your work or sign the packet electronically. 

    ***Updated SEPTEMBER 2022: Please contact the volunteer coordinator Jennie Reese with any questions that you have at (801) 852-4704 or via email at jreese@wasatch.org