Psychological Assessment Services

Psychological Assessment Services provides psychological testing to assist in the process of diagnosis and treatment planning.  Testing and interpretation is performed by staff psychologists, psychology residents, and doctoral level psychology interns.  This service is primarily used by medical staff and therapists seeking objective information regarding a client’s condition and prognosis.  WBH has a designated testing center that coordinates resources and scheduling for the testing that takes place center-wide.

We conduct a wide range of psychological and neuropsychological testing, including testing to determine your diagnosis and/or your treatment needs.  We commonly test for such conditions as:  mood disorders, anxiety disorders, dementia, cognitive functioning, etc.

As the contracted Medicaid provider, we cannot use Medicaid funding to conduct certain types of psychological evaluations.  The types of evaluations NOT covered include:  testing to determine eligibility for bariatric or other surgeries, testing to determine eligibility for SSDI/DSPD, parental fitness evaluations, custody evaluations,  court-ordered evaluations, and some others.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Psychological Testing
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