Wasatch Behavioral Health offers an APA Accredited Psychology Internship Training Program

Wasatch Behavioral Health serves the residents of Utah County with a complete range of mental health services and is located about 45 miles south of Salt Lake City. This county has a population of just over 510,000 people. The Provo-Orem area and the state of Utah have been cited in national publications over the past several years as being among the most livable areas in the United States.

Mt. Timpanogas

This area of Utah, which is bordered by the scenic Wasatch mountain range on the East and Utah Lake on the West, has distinct seasons which provide a variety of recreational experiences including: fishing, skiing, golfing, hiking and hunting. The area offers bus services, a relatively low crime rate, art and cultural activities, a moderate cost of living, and scenic mountain ranges. Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University are both located in the Provo-Orem area.

Description of The Training Program

The primary objective of the clinical psychology internship program is to prepare doctoral candidates for entry-level positions in Health Service Psychology. The psychology interns are expected to integrate theoretical, clinical and professional issues into a general psychology practice. The focus of education and training is on enhancing previous academic and practicum training with instruction, supervision and experience in providing psychological services in a multidisciplinary publicly owned community mental health organization.

Wasatch Behavioral Health subscribes to a local clinical scientist model that encourages the intern to develop as a generalist, promoting an evidenced-based approach to clinical practice. The internship program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Association. The training program is organized with a year long assignment in family clinics and psychological assessment services. These assignments are concurrent with each intern spending a part of each week in each assignment. We have found that this approach improves continuity of care for the clients.

Supervised practice is required in the following areas: psychotherapy with youth, families and adults through our family clinics, intake evaluations, and psychological evaluations including disability determination, neuropsychological and general psychological evaluations. There is an emphasis on the clinical documentation required by governmental agencies and funders.

Psychology interns participate in interdisciplinary team conferences on a weekly basis. They also have opportunities to consult with psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, professional counselors, mental health workers, caseworkers, and administrative staff. They consult with and provide liaison with other agencies including schools, social service agencies, courts and other mental health facilities.

Internship Training Goals

1. Interns will establish a professional identity and an understanding of the role of a psychologist as a mental health provider in a multi-disciplinary professional setting.
2. Interns will develop and demonstrate awareness and sensitivity to cultural and other individual differences.
3. Interns will develop and refine clinical skills in psychological assessment, diagnosis and treatment including assessment administration, interpretation, analysis, synthesis and documentation; diagnosis, treatment planning, treatment implementation, outcome evaluation and therapeutic documentation; and ethical practices.
4. Interns will develop an understanding of the mission and vision of Wasatch Behavioral Health and the principles of community mental health and integrate this understanding with the role of a psychologist.
5. Interns will develop and apply skills of consultation to their relationships with other entities such as courts, schools, social service agencies and law enforcement; and other individuals such as mental health providers, medical providers, care managers within Wasatch Behavioral Health and in other organizations.

Supervision Opportunities

Supervision/training includes at least two hours of individual supervision and two hours of group supervision per week; weekly group supervision sessions devoted to evidenced-based treatment/evaluation and supervision/consultation, as well as weekly didactic training seminars presented by Wasatch Behavioral Health psychologists, other Wasatch Behavioral Health professional staff members and guest lecturers. The primary supervising psychologists are extremely well prepared having each provided many years of mental health services. Meet our Psychology Internship Program Faculty and Supervisors.

Administrative Assistance for Interns

Psychology Interns are assigned to a Care Team Assistant to assist them with clerical or technical support throughout the course of internship.

Notice to Psychology Interns of Diverse Populations  And Those Interested in Working with Special Needs Patients

In keeping with APA’s initiative to embrace diversity, Wasatch Behavioral Health is actively seeking to recruit psychology interns from a wide range of students of diversity as well as students who have special interests, talents, or experience in working with diverse populations.

About 2/3 of our total clientele are judged to be seriously and persistently mentally ill or severely emotionally disturbed and about 13% identify themselves with a non-majority racial group, excluding Hispanic. About 7% of our clientele identify themselves as Hispanic. We always have a need for Spanish-speaking clinicians.


The internship stipend is $25,292 for 12 months beginning July 6, 2020, including two weeks of vacation/sick leave and eleven paid holidays.