Meet our staff in Psychological Assessment Services

Jaime L. Houskeeper, Psy.D. has been working at Wasatch Behavioral Health since 2010 and is currently working as the Program Manager for Psychological Assessment Services (PAS), Medical Services, Clerical Support Services, and Outside Providers as well as the interim Training Director for the Health Service Psychology Internship Program. Dr. Houskeeper, a WBH Health Service Psychology Internship Program graduate, specializes in psychological assessments of adults and children, including diagnostic clarification, parental fitness evaluations, adolescent psychosexual evaluations, and neuropsychological evaluations. Her therapy interests include working with LGBTQ+ individuals.

Dr. Houskeeper enjoys trail running, backpacking, cooking, and reading.

Stuart Spendlove, PhD Provo Psychologist

Stuart J. Spendlove, Ph.D., has worked as a licensed clinical psychologist since 2012 and is the Administrative Supervisor in Psychological Assessment Services (PAS). He graduated from Brigham Young University in 2001 with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in Spanish and then earned his Master’s and Doctoral degrees at Texas Tech University in 2006 and 2009, respectively. Dr. Spendlove completed his predoctoral internship at the UCSD/VA consortium and then obtained a post-doctoral position as a Bilingual Clinical Research Psychologist at the UCSD Autism Center of Excellence from 2009 to 2012. He has worked in community mental health since 2012 through work at an FQHC in San Diego and through private practice in Lubbock, Texas.

Dr. Spendlove specializes in psychological assessments of infants, children, teens, and adults for various diagnoses related to Autism, emotional difficulties, behavioral problems, disability questions, and risk assessment. In therapy, Dr. Spendlove is trained to work with individuals of all ages as well as families and couples with various difficulties. He has experience and training in CBT, TF-CBT, Parent Management Training, and other empirically supported treatments designed to help people with serious or chronic mental health conditions. Dr. Spendlove can render all services in Spanish in addition to English.

A father of 9 and an outdoor enthusiast, Dr. Spendlove also enjoys hiking, camping, swimming, bicycling, and attending sporting events with his wife and children.

Shannon Cayer

Shannon Cayer, PsyD has been working at Wasatch Behavioral Health since she was a Health Service Psychology Intern in 2018. Now licensed, Dr. Cayer serves as the Health Service Psychology Internship Program Assistant Training Director and does psychodiagnostic and neurocognitive evaluations with adolescents and adults in PAS. Dr. Cayer loves doing psychotherapy and her clinical interests include traumatic stress, compassion fatigue and burnout, LGBTQ+ and related topics, relational distress, and self-esteem/self-image issues. As she was trained at an integrated medical school, Dr. Cayer prioritizes integrating all aspects of health into treatment. She also does psychotherapy at a private practice in Orem, UT on a part-time basis.

Dr. Cayer grew up in New Hampshire and then completed her undergraduate and graduate education in Arizona where she fell in love with the desert (not so much the 120-degree heat though!). Utah has given her a wonderful balance of the New England and Arizona climates, and she plans to stick around for quite some time. She and her partner of 9 years enjoy road trips, weekend getaways into the mountains, and exercising their corgi-border collie, Tiny, who requires a lot of attention.

Scott Curry, Ph. D. joined the PAS staff in 2019 after completing his Health Service Psychology Internship at Wasatch Behavioral Health. Dr. Curry, also a former PAS practicum student, began his career as a mental health counselor in 1992 and worked many years as a juvenile probation officer in Alabama and Utah. His interests are in forensic and neuropsychological assessment and his passion is working with adolescents and adults with severe mental illness. He uses the intersubjective orientation in therapy with clients, which fits well with Wasatch Behavioral Health’s recovery model.

A 3rd Degree Black Belt in Traditional Japanese Karate, avid cook, and novice in Bikram Yoga, Dr. Curry enjoys spending his free time outdoors, exercising, grilling, and hanging with his dog Oso.

Derra Gullickson, Psy.D. is a small-town-Minnesota native who moved to Utah from Chicago, Illinois to begin working at Wasatch Behavioral Health in 2017 as a Health Service Psychology Intern. She began her Psychology Residency with PAS in August 2018 and was hired as a Licensed Psychologist in October 2019.

Dr. Gullickson has many interests in psychological assessment services and is trained and certified to assess and diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder through the Autism Diagnosis Observation Schedule – Second Edition (ADOS-2). While historically she has preferred to work with adults, she has grown quite comfortable assessing children over the age of 6. She is also particularly interested in diversity and multiculturalism as they relate to psychology.

During the work day, you’ll find Dr. Gullickson listening to a plethora of music including 90’s boy-band/pop, country, and rock music while completing her duties. Dr. Gullickson has many passions outside of her work at Wasatch Behavioral Health including CrossFit, hiking, camping, painting, cooking, buying plants, Netflix binging, and dining on a local patio.

Mitch Harris, Ph.D., has been working at Wasatch Behavioral Health since late 2018. Dr. Harris specializes in psychological and neuropsychological assessments of adults and children, including diagnostic questions, disability questions, forensic, psychosexual, and risk assessment. In therapy, he has helped individuals and couples with various issues. Dr. Harris has experience helping people with serious or chronic mental health conditions that are not responding to other forms of treatment and has worked in outreach, treatment, and housing for people struggling with homelessness.

A cyclist and skier, Dr. Harris also enjoys travel and conversation.

Eliza Gedge, Ph.D. graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy in July 2022 with a degree in Clinical Psychology. She completed the Health Service Psychology Internship with Wasatch Behavioral Health in July 2022 and became a licensed psychologist in August 2022. She has since moved into her role as a psychologist in the Psychological Assessment Services department. Dr. Gedge enjoys doing psychological assessments with children and adults to assist in clarifying their diagnosis and providing treatment recommendations to best support their presenting difficulties. Dr. Gedge also provides individual therapy for adolescents and adults. Therapeutic approaches used in treatment are integrative and include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Insight Oriented, Solution Focused, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing.

Outside of the office, Dr. Gedge enjoys cooking, baking, reading, (sometimes) hiking, and spending time with her adorable cat.

Lindsey Mendoza, M. A., is in the final year of her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at Northwest University in Kirkland, WA. She will be joining Wasatch Behavioral Health for the year at Provo Family Clinic. Lindsey has a special interest in neuropsychological assessment for children with Autism and other developmental concerns. As a Clinician, Lindsey practices Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Gottman Method Couples Therapy. She believes in unconditional inclusion and deeply understands the impact that ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, religion, body type, and levels of ability have on individual well-being.

When not in the office, Lindsey enjoys reading, paddle boarding, running, listening to records, and playing with her cat, Fitzgerald.

Psychology Interns 2023 – 2024

Audrey Seh Young Kim, M.A. is a PsyD student in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, completing her internship year at the Westpark Family Clinic. She has clinical experience working with a diverse population in a wide range of settings. Audrey especially enjoys working with adolescents and adults with acculturation or adjustment-related concerns, mood disorders, trauma, and medical co-morbidities. When working with clients, she primarily uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and a client-centered approach, along with paying close attention to the client’s diversity factors.

In her free time, Audrey enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, biking, and listening to music.

Catherine Hewatt

Justin Gibson, M.S., is a PsyD student in Clinical Psychology at Marshall University and is completing his internship at the American Fork Family Clinic. Justin has experience working with individuals of all ages in both assessment and therapy. He practices cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) though has also received training on many different styles of treatment and will utilize them when necessary to best assist the client on their therapeutic journey. He has a particular interest in working with individuals who have experienced trauma.

Justin enjoys playing video games, hiking, cooking, trying new foods, and spending time with his family and cats.

Kalley Waller, M.A. is a PsyD student in Counseling Psychology at the University of St. Thomas. She is joining Wasatch Behavioral Health as an intern in Psychological Assessment Services. She will also be a part of the Healthcare Integration Program with Mountainlands. Kalley has experience working with clients of all ages who have faced a variety of mental and behavioral health concerns. Kalley takes a person-centered and skills-based approach in her care with clients and their families, supporting them as they overcome their unique challenges together. Her clinical focuses include neuropsychological assessment, chronic health conditions, anxiety, depression, self-image, and gender and sexuality.

In her free time, Kalley enjoys reading, kayaking, bullet journaling, watching scary movies, and snuggling with her bulldog.

Nick Cherry, M.A. is a PsyD student in the Doctor of Psychology Program at George Fox University and is completing his internship year at the American Fork Family Clinic. He has past experience working with trauma, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression. He has a particular interest in psychological assessment for ADHD and other neurodevelopmental disorders. Nick approaches therapy through a variety of therapeutic modalities, specifically Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Narrative Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy. He enjoys collaborating with clients on developing a more compassionate view of themselves through gaining mindful awareness of thoughts and emotions. Nick recognizes the importance of understanding the impact of ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, sexuality, religion, and other aspects of identity that inform an individual’s internal experience and daily life.

When Nick is not working, he enjoys reading fiction, watching TV, playing video games, hiking, and anything that involves getting out in nature. He has an Australian Cattle Dog named Juniper whom he adores and loves playing with in the outdoors.

Tori Northup, M.A. currently working towards her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. She is completing her internship year at Wasatch Behavioral Health’s Provo Family Clinic and has a specific interest in providing both therapeutic and psychological assessment services to children, adolescents, and adults within the Utah County community. Tori likes to take an integrative approach to psychotherapy and often combines varying modalities in order to best meet the unique needs of her clients. She also enjoys utilizing expressive interventions such as art, music, and play when working with clients. She believes in treating her clients with unconditional acceptance and support and fostering a trusting environment where clients feel safe and respected.

In her free time, Tori enjoys arts and crafts (mostly painting but is trying to branch out to other mediums), reading mystery books, trying new recipes, getting outside and exploring nature, and spending time with friends.