Medical Services

Medical Services are an important part of mental health treatment. Stabilizing symptoms through medication management can help individuals experience a better qualify of life and increased independence to aid in their journey towards recovery.

Medical Services

Getting Started in Services

For questions about how to get started in medical services, please contact our front desk at (801) 373-4760.


WBH clients are provided medication management services by staff psychiatrists, DNPs/APRNs, and nurses assigned to the various clinics throughout the organization. Nurses are available to assist with monitoring vital signs, coordinate care with other providers, assist with medication refills, dispense medications, and provide essential medical information regarding mental health needs.

Wellness Coordinators also assist with making sure physical health care needs are met in addition to mental health care needs. Wellness Coordinators assess needs and coordinate care with community providers as well as with the Mountainlands Community Health Care Clinic located in our Westpark building.

Our motto is “Embracing Wellness” and we strive to help clients meet both their physical and mental health care needs with an integrated team approach.

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