CY-FAST Services (Children, Youth and Family Assessment Stabilization Team)

Ever feel like you are living crisis to crisis and wish that your life would just settle down and be stable (and happier)?

Our CY-FAST team (Crisis Team)  is now offering several new programs to help families and family members to learn skills in a supportive environment to help to stabilize things at home and in life.

Our CY-FAST Team (2016)

For Parents/Guardians:
Secondary Trauma: Taking Care of You

4 Week Mobile Outreach
(by appointment)

Provides parents/caregivers with support and tools to help you feel empowered and motivated to stabilize a chaotic home environment.

Learn how trauma impacts behaviors and connection, tools to self-care, and manage compassion fatigue in a supportive environment.  Talk with your therapist or call to find out more about this program.

For Teenagers:
DBT Group
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The DBT Group is held on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:00 on Wednesdays at the Recovery Outreach Center (1175 E 300 North, Provo) for teens ages 14-17. Talk to your therapist about attending the group or just start coming.

(If you aren’t a WMH client and are interested in this group, please schedule an Intake Appointment at one of our family clinics.)