PREP Team Info for Professionals


Referrals should be for individuals between the ages of 13 - 26 years old who are at high risk of developing a psychotic disorder or have been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder within the last 18 months. (If your client does not meet the criteria, we may be able to provide consultation on the case)  - A referral to the PREP Team does not guarantee treatment. The PREP Team will complete an evaluation when appropriate to determine eligibility.

Common reasons for disqualification are:

  • IQ score under 70
  • psychotic symptoms due to substance use disorder
  • psychotic symptoms due to another mental health diagnosis
  • psychosis due to a medical condition
  • or, not falling within the required age range of 13 to 26 years old

Please make a referral using the button on the right (in the sidebar).


After making the referral, please continue to see your client and provide services until after the evaluation process is completed. You will be notified if/when your client is accepted by the PREP team or if they do not follow up on the appointment. 

During the SIPS evaluation, a follow up appointment will be scheduled with the client, family (if possible), and the referring PSC. This appointment will be to review the SIPS evaluation, discuss whether the PREP team is an additional resource for the client, and to determine if the client wishes to participate in the program.